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[Chiny]Nozzle Tester

The characteristics of Nozzle Tester is quick to lift pressure, nice voltage stabilization, smart operation, easy packing, is an ideal instrument, to examine and determine oil injection start pressure, atomization quality, oil injection angle, and needle valve of diesel oil injection machine. Main parameter Maxim pressure: 60MPa Shape size: 320X300X500 (long, wide, high) Net weight: 30kg Pressure gauge extension: 0-60 MPa[...]


[Chiny]Sell truck tire 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5

We are exporter in China, sepcialized in tires wholesale , we can supply radical truck tire regularly. size: 12R22.5 13R22.5 295/80R22.5 315/80R22.5 Good quality with reasonable price, Brands new, various patterns. ISO DOT approved, most have ECE certificates. If you have interest, please feel free to contact us. Many other sizes are also available. such as 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 12R22.5, 1200R20, 1200R24, 315/80R22.5, 385/65R22.5, 285/75R24.5. Regards! Cindy[...]


[Chiny]Winter car supplies

Models: 1) 455200: 23-1/2" Snow Brush with EVA grip 2) 457100: 21"Snow brush with ice scraper head (ABS) 3) 457200: 18-1/4" snow brush w/scraper head (PP) 4) 457000: 14-1/2" three way economical snow brush[...]


[Chiny]Auto Cleaning Series

Features: 1) 250900: 12" brake dust remover (blue scrubber) 2) 250902: 11 - 3/8" wheel and spoke brush with dbl. loop 3) 250903: 11 - 1/4" wheel and spoke brush with scrubber 4) 250904: 11 - 3/8" mag wheel brush Dbl. color 5) 250901: 15 - 1/4" wheel and spoke brush (Tampico) ***TPR skidproof handle***[...]


[Chiny]PT Fuel Pump Test Stand

PT Fuel Pump Test Stand PT100 Fuel Pump Test Stand is special equipment used to provide test and calibration for CUMMINS PT fuel pump. It is widely used, and has frequency conversion stepless speed regulating, duplex rotor flow meter, abundant functions, and high measure precision. Fulfill the testing requirement of CUMMINS PT fuel pump. Sara Liu[...]


[Chiny]Diesel Fuel Injection Test Bench

Main Functions: 1. Test quantity and uniformity of fuel supply 2. Test dot and space angle of fuel supply 3. Test performance of speed governor 4. Test performance of distributor pump 5. Test performance of press compensator 6. Test oil back quantity of distributor pump 7. Test performance of electromagnetic valve of distributor pumps (12V,24V) 8. Test inner pressure under different rotation speed 9. Test advance angle 10. Test sealing performance of fuel injection pump 11. Test output[...]



COMMON RAIL TEST BENCH TEST RANGE: BOSCH in line pumps of size K,M,MW,A,B,BV,P(ZU,ZW,ZM) and BOSCH rotative distributor injection pumps EP/VA, EP/VM, VE,…F…, all type of common rail Pumps and injectors(BOSCH-DELPHI-SIEMENS-DENSO) FUNCTIONS: Check of the injection pump’s tightness Capacity measure of each cylinder in different revolution, with pre-selection of the stroke number Check of each line’s injection timing and starting point of injection Check of the intervention of the speed[...]



TURBO BALANCER FUNCTIONS: Widely apply for industries like motor, blower, diesel motor, auto parts etc. Horizontal hard bearing dynamic balancing machine serials Wheel bearing Belt drag Motor and Inverter for speed regulation Industrial computer to process data Colored screen display unbalance value, phase angle, and practical rotation speed Overall cast base, better stability Balance test as single side, double side, multi side Apply for shaft, plate, and extended focus rotor High accuracy,[...]


[Wielka Brytania]WideView HID Conversion KIT

I am Sean, MD of SSLINK LTD (UK), and very pleased to introduce H.I.D kits for vehicles and motorbikes as a sole UK Distributor of ‘Wide View’ which is made in South Korea, and looking for a regional distributor . you can make used cars more premium and more valuable by converting normal Halogen Lamps with this excellent HID kits just by a bit investment. High Intensity Discharge Conversion Kit ( HID Kit) - This is different from just Xenon Bulb which can change the color not brightness.[...]


[Chiny]Aluminum thermal barrier machine

Aluminum thermal barrier machine is designed for pouring thermal insulating polyurethane adhesive into aluminum profiles. It drives the aluminum profile to go with a smooth and uniform movement by the hydraulic system along a specified direction. Then the precise measurement system makes A,B components do an instant high-speed and uniform mixing. After that polyurethane flows injection into groove in accordance with the provisions of the ratio to complete the casting process. Aluminum thermal barrier[...]


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